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The journey from Doing to Knowing!


This is an idea that massively changed my approach to my craft as well as my business. I learned it from Jonathan Stark in a daily email he sent.

Jonathan takes a strange yet simple idea, and creates a perception change in the mindset of a professional. I’ll summarise his email in the simplest possible way.

The basic idea is to NOT define yourself and your professional skills in the form of what you DO but rather on what you KNOW.

For example, don’t say I’m a Trainer. Instead, say I know how to Train. Can you spot the difference? These are two completely different sentences. In fact, they are two different identities of you altogether.

Confused? Let me clarify.

If you say (even to yourself) that you’re a trainer, you’ll only look for opportunities where you get to train people. That means you look for only one kind of work with one kind of client.

If you say that you know how to train, a whole new world opens up. You can, obviously, do training sessions. Thta’s still on the cards.

Additionally, you can do lots of other things:

1. You can write a book about your approach to training.
2. You can do train the trainer (TTT) sessions. There’s always someone who is just starting out, and needs your expertise.
3. You can make YouTube videos helping your clients as well as your peers.
4. You can build a training and facilitation software. (That’s what I did with
5. You can grow to become a training consultant for corporate L&D. This is something I do frequently where I develop the program, but don’t deliver it entirely. These projects generate more revenue than our actual training deliveries.
6. You can create and distribute PPT’s that of actual sessions you’ve done.
7. You can curate a community of trainers and help connect people to each other

8. You can organise an L&D event, and invite peers and clients. Helps build goodwill.

7. You can… You get the picture.

This is what the journey from Doing to Knowing can open up for you. See what you can do with knowledge rather than action. What you can do with your brain rather that your mouth. What you can do with thoughts rather than words.

This mindset shift is an essential ingredient of growth. I’ll remain forever thankful to Jonathan Stark for that email. I hope this helps you too. Subscribe to Jonathan’s daily emails here.

Knowing what I do,