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The Mindset, Toolset and Skillset for doing dishes


I have always hated doing the dishes. Absolutely detested it with every fibre of my being. That has changed since the last week. You see, I am now the designated utensil-washer at home.

I don’t exactly love it now. But, I have begun to see it differently due to some reasons:

1. Mindset: I have no choice in the matter. House work is divided between everyone in the family and this one is on me. Also, I realise that it is a great time to catch up with audiobooks or podcasts. My wife always complained that I was too noisy. Due to the audiobooks, I am a lot more careful now.

2. Toolset: I have realised that if I use hot water, it washes off faster and is much more comfortable on the mind. I have also started using a pair of rubber gloves which make life so much simpler. The quality of my work has improved significantly now.

3. Skillset: I have understood that grouping and washing similar vessels together is faster and more effective. I group glasses, plates, serving bowls, plates, etc. Simple as it may sound, it has made a major difference in how I approach the task.

I think, the big reason I hated doing dishes was that I was really bad at it. Since I’m becoming better, I am beginning to hate it less. Some days I even enjoy the experience. Almost. All I needed to do was learn how to do it properly.

Maybe there’s a life lesson here. Maybe not. I dunno.

Dish you all the best,