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The new frontier in L&D


2020 was a year of flux for many industries, including L&D. The switch from classroom to virtual sessions was huge. Like during any big change, for the first few months, many companies and educators hesitated to make the shift. Companies eventually moved to virtual, but educators who waited too long paid the price for the delay.

2021 was the year of experiments and new learning. Virtual is here to stay. Whether you participated in or missed out on the previous year’s opportunity, it doesn’t matter. There’s another opportunity knocking at our doors now.

2022 will be the year of Games-based Learning. A gold rush of this sorts comes along once in a while. If you’re in the industry and you don’t want to miss the ship, now is the time to get aboard.

This whole week I’ll. Share my experiences with this new frontier. I’ll share resources and some ideas about how you can make a strategic move towards this.

Play big AND stay home,