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The Past Fortnight – Email Recap


As you know, I send daily emails. If you were busy and couldn’t read everything or if you have joined late and missed some of these, I share in this email a one-sentence summary of what I have shared in the fortnight.

Nov 1 | When your participants ghost you | What will you do if you face such a situation?

Nov 2 | Success comes from doing more | Here’s how we approach business and work at Gentle Bamboo. This should give you some ideas of how to plan your business growth as well.

Nov 3 | [Challenge] Start your journey as a creator | Start creating written content frequently to become more impactful as a professional.

Nov 4 | Write here, write now! | I answer reader questions, and explain the value of writing and how to get started.

Nov 5 | The four-minute-mile | Nothing is impossible when you find out how others have broken a barrier you’re struggling with.

Nov 6 | Where can I find out more about you? | Know how to create an online platform where people will get to know more about you.

Nov 7 | "What’s your strategy for 2021?" | Eagerly waiting for our classroom sessions? Well, plan your strategy based on these recent developments.

Nov 8 | [Training activity] Wheel of Fortune | Turn the wheel and bring the power of random selection in your training sessions.

Nov 9 | I’m giving a talk at Gamification Europe! | I’m so excited. I’m giving a talk about at a prestigious international event.

Nov 10 | My responsibilities as a trainer | I discuss what it means for me to do a training session, and how I (try to) do justice to the person who pays me and to those who attend my sessions.

Nov 11 | High Value Tasks: Four steps to success | The most important things you need to do EVERY DAY to be successful at your practice.

Nov 12 | People love consuming video content | Videos are the most engaging type of content when it comes to training sessions. Know more about how to make creative videos in this email.

Nov 13 | The value of learner feedback | How to use learner feedback as a tool improve not just your training, but also to enhance the learner’s understanding.

Nov 14 | 90 mins worth of Content in 45 mins | Limiting your 90 minutes worth session to 45 minutes is quite a difficult job. But, to make it effective is the actual challenge. Here’s how I do it.

Catch up with the emails you may have missed out on – if you have some time today. Tomorrow onwards I resume writing new emails. Consider forwarding the email to others you feel can benefit from it.