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The Power of Streaks: Intermittent Fasting & Candy Crush


In the last three weeks, I’ve (re)started two things:
1. Intermittent Fasting
2. Candy Crush

While on the surface it may look like there is no connection between these two things, in reality they are both extremely similar to each other.

The more I do them, the more I feel like doing them – even more. (I know Candy Crush is an addiction, and I’ll stop "wasting" time on it soon, but that’s not the point).

The point is that whether we do something good or something that’s bad for us, "the streak" plays a big role. They say it takes three weeks for a streak to become a lifelong habit, but my personal experience has been different. For me, the streak has value only when something is at stake.

Smoking 30 cigarettes a day everyday for a decade was a massive streak, but it disastrous for my health. So, I stopped smoking 5 years ago.

Escaping life by indulging in a game of sugary treats has no special significance in my life. So, I think I’ll stop Candy Crush soon.

Healthy weight and frequent competitions in marathons is a big aspirational goal of mine. So, I feel I’ll stick to Intermittent Fasting for a long time.

Brushing teeth is mandatory for health and hygiene. So, I know it’s a lifelong habit.

Writing this email is both therapeutic and educational for me, while being helpful to many people (hopefully including you). So, I’ve stuck with Daily Emails for many months now.

Streaks have power only because we give them that power. What are you working towards that needs a streak?

On Day 137,