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The Queen’s Gambit


About six months ago, I watched The Queen’s Gambit – a Netflix series about Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy. It is my favorite series of the year, and I have been recommending it to my friends and family every chance I get. I strongly recommend it to you too.

As a fiction lover, I have been craving for something great for a long time. Something that is not based on real-life or inspired from decades-old comics. (Not that I have anything against them, but good fiction is unbeatable.) The Queen’s Gambit has been able to satisfy that craving.

Great story, memorable characters, amazing cinematography, and brilliant dialogue. The series has it all. It makes chess (a somewhat dull sport if you don’t follow it) feel as exciting as cricket or football. It’s a short series, and well worth the watch.

I knew about the book it is based upon, but never got to read it till now. Yesterday evening I started reading the book, and I have now finished it. It is unputdownable. It’s as brilliant as the web series, if not more.

I heartily recommend both the series and the book. Take a break. Watch some fiction. You’ll love this. I guarantee.

Be the Harmon,