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The Second Wheel – Revisited


We’ve all heard of the phrase and most likely even personally know "struggling artists".

These are usually very talented people who see no commercial success. They are also better than most successful artists (who are all sellouts, btw). The world fails to see their genius. If only they got one opportunity.

They believe in and spread "motivational" sayings like this: "A flower doesn’t have to advertise its fragrance the bees." They forget that the fragrance is the advertisement.

They wait for the windfall to come and spend all their time creating their art. Surely, they are so good that the world will notice them soon. Any day now. Unfortunately, the world is busy. With its own strife. One out of a million artist may get "spotted" and succeed like crazy.

Many freelancers and small business owners think this way too. They spend too much time perfecting their product and too little distributing it.

An equal amount of time needs to be dedicated to creating a product and to distributing it. Distribution involves sales, marketing, networking, outreach, asking for referrals, social media presence, email lists, podcasts, youtube, following up, and more.

The mindset of I don’t know how to market or I don’t like selling is actively harmful. You don’t know it? Well, learn it. It’s not rocket science. You don’t like it? Well, the good news is you don’t have to like it. You just have to do it.

It’s not optional. It’s not something you do when you find time for it. It’s not something you do once a month to check a box. You do it DAILY!

It’s the second wheel of your bike. It has to keep rotating if you want to move forward. Or you’ll keep going around in circles and what wonder why it’s not working out for you even though you are better than most people.

Riding on,