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The Snake


[This email is written by Rakshith Bhagavath]

I grew up in the country and can always remember my mum telling me about the dangers and risks around our house: from spiders to snakes, I knew them all. She always used to say, ‘When you come across these challenges you need to know what to do because I will not always be there.

One hot day, Mum kept telling me to go and get my bicycle, which I had left at the end of the garden. I remember reluctantly running down the path to get it and just as I got close I noticed a snake curled up in front of my bike, basking in the sun. I slid to a stop and froze… my first reaction was to go running and screaming back to the house to tell


But I didn’t… I played statues just like I had been taught and, without taking my eyes off the snake, I very slowly walked backwards. I did exactly what my mum had taught me to do. When there was enough distance between me and the snake, I turned around and ran back to the house, screaming.

I often think about what my mum did for me and the role we have as trainers, facilitators, and educators in the learning and development industry. Mum gave me advice and skills so I would have the confidence and knowledge to know what to do.

In training, we play a similar role. We can’t own and manage all the challenges that our learners face, as they arise. Our aim is to give the learners and the business sufficient knowledge and tools so that when they come across their own snake — regardless of what it looks like — they will know what to do.

A lifetime of being a snake charmer,