Gentle Bamboo Solutions

The Start of Something Special

email icon on phone

It has been our constant endeavor to help trainers and facilitators and educators of all shapes and sizes. To that end, we have started an email list, which is going to contain daily e-mails. That’s right – daily. The first email goes out tomorrow.

The topics we cover would be very specific to the training industry. We will talk about:

  • motivation for trainers,
  • creating specific activities,
  • business development ideas,
  • how to move towards virtual training sessions more efficiently
  • how to prepare for classroom sessions when they become available again, and so much more.

We want to cover everything that can help you in these difficult times. We will talk about stuff that is going to help you become better at what you do. We also want to do Q&As and AMAs where you ask questions and we answer them directly.

On a personal note, this is an exciting challenge for me. Writing an email daily is not easy. Imagine having something to share every day of your life – what do you do when the well runs dry?

Some of my own role models write daily emails, and I’m looking forward to doing my own version of this challenge, while bringing you as much value as I can.

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