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The Two types of Hunger…


There are two types of hunger.

The first type of hunger is the one you feel three times a day. You can anticipate it and therefore manage it by cooking (or ordering) food ahead of time. The second type of hunger is… HUNGER. You experience it when you haven’t eaten in a while and you are starving, but you can’t fix it because you have no source of food.

The first one is, in a sense, good hunger. It lets you plan what food you will eat. Whether you will cook something simple or fancy, whether you decide to order home delivery or maybe step out and eat at a restaurant. You have lots of options to manage that hunger, and you can consciously pick and choose what you want to do.

The second one is bad hunger. It makes you irritable initially. Soon, it makes you desperate. If it gets out of hand, you may end up begging or even eating stuff from the trash – just to survive. You can’t pick and choose when your survival is on the line.

Your business also experiences hunger. If you are in the good hunger phase, you are creating a continuous source of future work and you can experiment a bit with what kind of work you will do. If you reach the bad hunger phase, you will get desperate and start accepting any and all projects that come your way. You can’t pick and choose when your survival is on the line.

You business needs the same kind of hunger management plan that your body needs. Frequent nourishment, occasional variety, and a feast once in a while.

I am doing a two-day workshop called Business Growth Roadmap. I talk about hunger management there. Reply to show interest, or if you have something specific you want to ask.

That’s my secret Captain,

I’m always (good) hungry,