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The value of a Second Screen


Yesterday, I did a training session on Decision Making for a group of about 300 participants for a new client. It was done in the Webinar mode of Zoom, which means I couldn’t see or hear any of them. I could only read their responses on chat or on (our online facilitation software tool).

While this is not a new experience for me, I usually get about 30-60 participants at most. Dealing with non-stop chat and my presentation simultaneously would have been almost impossible if I wasn’t using a second screen.

I have two Dell monitors in addition to my laptop – one at office and one at home. I have always used multiple screens when I do coding. A second screen is mandatory when I teach coding. But I only recently started it for non-tech training sessions. Now, I can barely work these days with just one screen. It is so efficient and effective, I feel laptops should come with a built in second screen.

If you are used to working with just one screen on your laptop or PC, try a second screen. Life will not be the same again.

Two is too good,