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The value of learner feedback


I attended a 6 week training course and it just finished today. I will write about some learnings from this session over the next few weeks. I want to share something simultaneously very profound as well as quite obvious that I learned today.

Towards the end of the session, the educator asked for our feedback as participants. She asked us to take our time summarizing the last 18 odd hours in as much detail as we wanted to.

Her point was that the act of giving feedback helps you (the learner) as much as me (the teacher).

Feedback gives the learner an opportunity to summarise everything that was covered. What the learners call as their big takeaways become more ingrained in their mind, primarily because it was articulated in a certain way by themselves. When multiple learners speak out about their specific takeaways it acts as the perfect revision for everyone else too.

Asking for and paying attention to feedback is a very powerful tool to become better at being a trainer. This you already know. However, do not underestimate the value it brings to learners as well.

Here are some actionable suggestions:

1. Always have up to 10% of your session dedicated to feedback.

2. Ask for both written and spoken feedback to ensure both types of people are covered.

3. For those giving written feedback allow for (and encourage) anonymous feedback as well.

Go forth m friend, and plan for better and more impactful feedback at the end of the session.

Feeding you back,


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