Gentle Bamboo Solutions

The Weekly Recap


As you know, I send daily emails. If you were busy and couldn’t read everything, I share this email every Sunday with quick summaries of what I have shared in the week. Time to catch up.

May 31 | My biggest free giveaway ever | I share below the link to the class and the unlock code where I taught how to build a completely functional Instagram clone mobile app in just one day.



Jun 1 | Good news: Our stray dog problem is back again.| I’m happy that the serious problems we have been facing for months seem to have reduced enough that people are once again showing their outrage at non-issues like the stray dog problem in our housing community.

Jun 2 | Says who? | My friend and I use different styles while designing a training session. We both defend our styles. But, for learners it doesn’t matter who is saying it. They care about what is being said.

Jun 3 | Money, Knowledge and Impact | Our game Race for Rockets now allows people to go after Money, Knowledge and/or Impact. In doing that, our play-tests show, the game offers deeper insights and lessons.

Jun 4 | White paintings and the illusion of value | I can not, for the life of me, understand how a white painting on a white canvas is "art".

Jun 5 | Fishing, Hunting and Farming | Business growth, especially for a small company or a freelancer, is mostly like Farming but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t occasionally consider Fishing or Hunting. How? I’ll try to explore this concept a bit over the next week.