Gentle Bamboo Solutions

The Weekly Recap


As you know, I send daily emails. If you were busy and couldn’t read everything, I share this email every Sunday with quick summaries of what I have shared in the week. Time to catch up.

Jun 7 | Creating your own country | What if I say that I’m planning to design a simulation game where you get to buy an island and turn it into your kingdom? There are nine islands in the world that are unclaimed. For real!

Jun 8 | The Second Wheel – Revisited | An equal amount of time needs to be dedicated to creating a product and to distributing it. It’s like the second wheel of your bike. It has to keep rotating if you want to move forward.

Jun 9 | Balloon Animals and The Abundance of Knowledge | A six-year-old schooled me, how to sculpt balloon animals without a balloon pump with the help of Alexa. This is what we are all dealing with these days. Knowledge is available in abundance and for free.

Jun 10 | The Mango Farmer | Being an educator, especially focused on corporate clients, is a seasonal business. What’s your plan for the off-season?

Jun 11 | Getting over it! | This is a game that no one should want to play. Uninspiring artwork. Non-existent story. Static background. Stock assets and Frustrating gameplay. Yet it went on to become #1 on Steam (the video game marketplace). So, what do audiences like? Who the hell knows? 🤦‍♂️

Jun 12 | Tata Nexon EV vs Mercedes S Class | The difference between companies/products that succeed by pushing the frontiers vs those that rest too long on their past laurels.