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The Weekly Recap


As you know, I send daily emails. If you were busy and couldn’t read everything, I share this email every Sunday with quick summaries of what I have shared in the week. Time to catch up.

Jun 14 | Apna Time Ayega – a lesson in personalisation | If you feel engagement in your session is somewhat lacking, replace "sabka" with "apna". Replace y’all with you. See how your learners react.
Apna Time Aayega (My time will come) was initially written Sabka Time Aayega (Everyone’s time will come)

Jun 15 | The Mango Eater | I want to talk about the Mango Eater i.e. the customer. It’s a fool’s errand to try to cater to the early adopters and premium buyers and price-conscious people and everyone in between. Pick one and stick with that category.

Jun 16| The Billionaire’s Gambit | 🙄Nikhil Kamath, Founder of Zerodha, India’s youngest Billionaire and all-round great guy used the assistance of a computer algorithm to beat five-time world chess champion, Viswanathan Anand.

Jun 17 | "Best Facilitator Ever"| I am not great at receiving compliments. I go into self-deprecating mode immediately. But today, I just humbly said Thank you and celebrated it.

Jun 18 | The Entrepreneurial Myth | Buy it. Read it. Benefit from its wisdom.

The E-Myth: Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it

Michael E Gerber.

Jun 19 | "How do you write an email every day?" | This is a question I get quite frequently. It’s not a big secret. Anyone can do it. The bigger question is "Why do I write an email every day?" I have a few reasons.