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The Weekly Recap


As you know, I send daily emails. If you were busy and couldn’t read everything, I share this email every Sunday with quick summaries of what I have shared in the week. Time to catch up.

Jan 4 | My Adventures in Art Education for children – and the learnings from it| Invest 90 mins a week in learning something that you have absolutely no idea about whatsoever. You never know when it might come in handy!

Jan 5 | Powering the Internal Combustion Engine of your Business | The IC Engine, as it is usually called, is a very good metaphor for moving your freelance business forward.

Jan 6 | The strangest question I have ever been asked… | Questions that start with Why can trip you up if you don’t understand the subject you are teaching well.

Jan 7 | My upcoming talk at GamiCon21V – another international conference | Both Rakshith and I are so happy to inform you that we have been given an opportunity to speak at yet another international conference after Gamification Europe.

Jan 8 | Gimme the sapling, not the fruit | Don’t just go after fruits. Work with a few saplings too. Nurture and help them grow. It takes a little longer – but when the tree starts bearing fruit, you can have as many as you want.

Jan 9 | Goodbye WhatsApp, hello Signal | I’ll be on Signal entirely from next week. Consider joining after doing your own research about why Signal is superior.