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The Weekly Recap & YouTube Video


YouTube Video: In Conversation with Vaibhav Gupta about Toastmasters and Mental Health. Watch now

The Weekly Recap: As you know, I send daily emails. If you were busy and couldn’t read everything, I share this email every Sunday with quick summaries of what I have shared in the week. Time to catch up.

Apr 5 | It’s just a typo | I’ve learned, the hard way, to be less judgmental about others’ relationship with grammer and spellings. 🙃Chill ”it’s just a typo” and there’s more to life than that.

Apr 6 | [Book Recommendation] Blue Ocean Strategy | How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

Apr 7 | Meaningful Milestones: Schools vs Corporates | Frequent and Meaningful Milestones is what is lacking in Corporate jobs. I feel this is a direction in which more thought needs to be put.

Apr 8 | Live training vs Livestreaming | I’m trying to figure out why do I feel stressed before and during the YouTube Livestream session and relaxed during daily Live training sessions. What do you think?

Apr 9 | Design Beats by Learning Ethos | A Virtual course on Design Thinking Fundamentals by my friend. It starts on 15th April. I’m joining it myself and would recommend you join too.

Apr 10 | This time it won’t be stressful | I’ve just started a personal channel and I’ll be posting the technical tutorials and laid-back conversations with my friend.Subscribe to the channel here if you’re interested: