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As you know, I send daily emails. If you were busy and couldn’t read everything or if you have joined late and missed some of these, I share in this email every Sunday with quick summaries of what I have shared in the week. Catch up

Nov 16 | Saregama Carvaan: What you can learn from its success | I recently bought a Saregama Carvaan. I’m so impressed by their unique marketing strategies. We as Educators/Trainers have a lot to learn from the success of this product. Their approaches can be applied in training industry too. I will go into some more detail about how to apply their strategies to your work in a series of mails this entire week.

Nov 17 | Carvaaan 1 of 4: Create your own distinct identity | Anyone in the training industry can present themselves as a trainer or facilitator because the barrier to enter this industry is very low. So creating your own distinct identity becomes very significant (similar to the identity Carvaan has created in the world of software apps and mobile phones) and will also help you in deciding which kind of trainings you’ll do and which you won’t.

Nov 18 | Carvaan 2 of 4: Define a clear target audience | Do not try to appeal everyone. You will appeal no one. You need to be very specific about your target audience .That’s how you’ll grow in this training industry.

Nov 19 | Carvaan 3 of 4: Listen to your customers | Ask your clients or colleagues how they would describe you. Initially you may find it hard to digest the fact but don’t fight it, embrace it to make a bigger impact. Just like YouTube, Instagram and Groupon did. Let your customers guide you towards your true identity.

Nov 20 | Carvaan 4 of 4: Play to your strengths | Do not ignore what you are good at already. It defines your uniqueness and your strength lies in your uniqueness. Rather than investing your time in learning something that you’re not good at, invest some time on what you are really good at. Do a quick strength audit for yourself.

Nov 21 | "If you keep doing…" | Want something new? Do something new. Now!

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