Gentle Bamboo Solutions

This time it won’t be stressful


Three months ago, I publicly announced that I’ll post a daily video on the Gentle Bamboo YouTube channel. I kept up the momentum for a month and after that I stopped. Completely.

It was an extremely ambitious goal – even by my usual standards. I learned a few lessons from that debacle – the primary one being how stressful the whole process was.

I’m restarting that, but this time I have no hard commitments. I’ll also not try to use the videos as a business growth strategy. In fact I don’t even want to post those videos on the company’s YouTube channel.

Consistency is great, but if it’s too stressful maybe it’s not worth it. So, I’m staying away from any more commitments about video content.

I’ve just started a personal channel though, and I’ll be posting technical tutorial and laid-back conversations with my friend. Most likely the viewers will also be just my friends.

I do have some amazing friends, and you’ll get to listen to their wisdom and insights while I bask in the reflected glow. Just in case you want to hear these conversations between My Friends and I, subscribe to the channel here:

I’m taking it easy this time. It will be less stressful this time. Join in if it makes sense to you. Or not. It’s all good.