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[This won’t change] “I want more for less”


The L&D Department works within the constraints of a budget, or shortage thereof.

Being in the education business, you and I have to constantly offer solutions that are:

1. Better than what we ourselves offered in the past

2. Better than what others are offering at the present moment.

Do this well, and you have a foot in the door.

Now, while doing this, we have to ensure that it fits their available budget. Note that I’m not saying it should be cheap or economical or expensive or anything like that. I’m saying it has to fit their budget.

Go below the budget too much, and someone will think you’re not good enough. Go above the budget too much, and they’ll sideline you no matter how much they like you.

Find the sweet spot and you’ve walked into that room.

This will never change. L&D will want more for less (like every other function in every business ever).

You have to focus on both things. Great product, right budget fit.

Tomorrow, I’ll share something else that won’t change in L&D.

Not budging on budget,