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[This won’t change] “Show me the money… or the reaction”


"Show me the money" is not just a popular phrase. It is also the implicit question asked of L&D managers by functional heads when evaluating the impact of training on business results in terms of revenues or costs.

And while there are sophisticated methods to calculate the ROI from training the problem is implementation. So, most companies are and will continue to be stuck collecting first level feedback – the reaction of trainees.

Let me clarify. Level 1 feedback is not taken to check whether learning has occurred. It is taken to gauge the participants’ feedback immediately after completing a training session.

This means that the feedback is going to be influenced by:

1. the depth of the course content

2. the facilitator and their mastery over the subject matter

3. the facilitator’s ability to communicate, answer doubts, and engage with the learners

4. how engaging the interactions in the learning environment were, and

5. how conducive to fun and learning the learning environment itself was.

So, even if you cannot use sophisticated tools to demonstrate the impact of your training intervention on the balance sheet of the firm comprehensively, be attentive to the firm’s and the learner’s individual learning needs; make sure you deliver every program in a way that is engaging, valuable, and memorable for every learner. That’s a good start.

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