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[Training Activity] Bingo!



Design needs ahead of time: Create a slide with nine boxes, each with a fact, a topic, or an experience connected to the subject of the session.

Before the activity begins: Facilitator: Prepare a bingo card similar to the one below, but related to your subject, so the choices on the card will actually apply to topics covered in the program. This has been created with Powerpoint by using tables


Usage: During the session. This is a game that continuously happens in the background. Acts as a quick recap of important points. And a way to keep attention focused on the session. Every time a participant gets a row, column, or diagonal, he/she shouts Bingo! Then he/she proceeds to quickly recap the concepts identified in the row, column, or diagonal. If the recap is correct, then the player gets a point.

Win Condition: Whoever says Bingo fastest AND gets the recap right.

When playing: Encourage the sharing of details and for those who answered Bingo to quickly recap the concepts they have identified in 30 seconds. Encourage others who did not win to share what they learned too. Debrief based on the time you have to recap.

This is one of the most engaging ways in which I do training sessions. Give it a shot. Your participants will love it, and so will you!