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Training Activity The Hive Mind


Ants and Bees are the perfect team players. Without any explicit instruction they work together for the greater good of the team. They know their role, and they do their work. They seem to possess a single mind even though they inhabit separate bodies. That single mind is called the Hive Mind.

I have an activity I do in virtual sessions which checks how much in tune my learners are to each other.

It needs a presentation software like or Mentimeter or Kahoot or similar software

The Hive Mind

1. Create a new Slide with title The Hive Mind
2. Select all the available emoji reaction options for the slide. Usually they are these: 👍👎❤️❓

3. In the activity a specific pattern needs to made with emoji count by all participants working together. I ask for a 5,6,7,8 pattern.

4. That means the pattern in the bottom right corner looks a bit like this:

5 6 7 8


5. I usually turn on an on-screen timer to 2 minutes. That makes it all the more fun to race against time.
6. People will have to work together to make it happen – there is no other way for it to happen. They can talk to each other, or decide to work independently. They will have to click on the reactions to add or subtract numbers.

7. It will be chaotic in the beginning, and slowly some sense will emerge.

8. Hint: If they arrive at the final pattern a little too soon, ensure you sabotage it by clicking on your phone (without informing them of course)

This has been an extremely successful energiser activity every time I do it (usually right after they return fro a break). I sometimes do this towards the end of a long session just before I say good bye too.

Give it shot. You’ll love it, and so will your learners.

To bee or not to bee,