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Training Activity Torn and Restored


Today I want to share a training activity I like to call Torn & Restored. This works really well in classroom sessions. It’s something I used to do in classrooms as a team building activity. Its a lot of fun when you can divide learners into groups of 6-8 members.

Here’s what you need:

1. A4 size paper

2. Pen/pencils (enough for each learner)

3. Scissors (optional)

Here’s what you do:

1. Divide your learners into groups of six to eight people. (Try keeping the group size as an even number if you don’t have scissors)

2. Ask each group to nominate the best artist in the group.

3. Give every group three A4 papers, and ask the nominated artist to sketch on only one paper something that covers the entire sheet

4. Make sure everyone watches as the artist sketches

5. After the sketch in every group is ready, place the remaining 2 blank A4 size papers on the paper with the sketch.

6. Cut the papers held together into as many pieces as there are members in that group

7. You can give them the freedom to cut the pieces into regular rectangles or into any irregular shape.

8. Each member takes the three pieces they need. One with a portion of the sketch, and two blank sheets

9. Now each individual member has to draw the portion of the sketch they got onto one of the blank pieces while looking at it.

10. Ask them to reassemble the original (drawn by the nominated artist) and the pieces drawn by the group members separately

First Debrief:

Ask them to rate how close the team artwork came to the original artwork. Talk about ideas like –

1. Working in team vs working in silos

2. Helping each other

3. Value of communication

After the initial debrief is done, take the activity to the next level:

1. Ask the groups to give back both the original as well as redrawn artwork

2. Each member should have another piece of paper

3. Ask them to now draw their piece from memory.

4. Reassemble and compare how the new artwork looks in comparison to the previous two attempts

5. Debrief and discuss new findings that emerge.

If you have a group size of 30 learners, you can plan for a 20-25 minute activity. It’s fun and educational. Give it shot. Your learners will love it, and so will you.

Cut the sheet,