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Training Story The 33 Chilean Miners


Today I facilitated a training session called Collaborate to Win. In it, I shared a story of the Chilean Miners.

It’s a powerful story of , working in teams and succeeding against all odds. It’s a story of collaboration both above and below ground.

Under the ground were 33 miners stuck for 70 days in a small, dark and humid place with very little food/water. Working together, supporting each other and encouraging everyone.

Above ground were a wide variety of people all working together – drilling teams, political opponents, scientists, geologists, psychologists, nutritionists, NASA, the catholic church, families of the miners, news media, and so many more.

The rescue of the miners is a part of case studies in the Harvard University, reputed Business Journals and tons of Behavioural Science studies.

Its a heart-warming story of human strength, force of will and collaboration under duress.

Read up on it if you like the premise. Theres a even a movie made about it called The 33. I think you’ll do well adding this to your repertoire of stories in your own training sessions.

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