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[Video] Business Growth Roadmap: The Second Wheel


If you are a freelance trainer or educator, and you’re struggling a bit with business development, you will find a lot of value from this email. If your business is doing well already, you’ll do even better.

Watch the video and you will see I offer three ideas to bring your business back on track. This isn’t theoretical stuff. These are fiercely practical ideas that you can start applying immediately. Also, this is exactly how I run my business. Spend 15 mins watching this video. I’m sure you’ll benefit from it.


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This is the video which created lots of buzz after a workshop I did last week. Many people called me and asked if I have a plan to do a full workshop just on business growth. I said yes. And here we are.

The announcement is coming soon: The Business Growth Roadmap Workshop is coming soon.

Riding with both the wheels,