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(Video) Equipment in Virtual Training

People talking in a webinar setup

This was a fun one. We got to show you all the toys we play with. No, we don’t mean all the games and gamification principles we use in our training sessions.

In the course of the lockdown, we started creating content beyond blogs. We started experimenting with audio and video tools. In doing so, we collected an impressive set of equipment.

In this video, we pull back the curtain. We show you all the equipment you can use in your training sessions and content creation, and what is possible with them.

Equipment is important. Equipment and tools are support items that enhance your content. They allow you to dress up your session and make it much more impressive.

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. These tools allow you to stand out from your peers and show your learners that you’re serious. They signal your audience that you want to be taken seriously. As a bonus, they allow you to look and sound good.

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