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(Video) Introduction to The GPS Framework

GPS Direction

A video! Inside a blog post! Starting this week, some of our blog posts will contain videos from our training sessions. We hope you enjoy these videos and find value in them.

This is a 90-minute session where we introduce The GPS Framework to trainers, facilitators, educators, or anyone who wants to make an impact on their audience in an interactive training session.

We’ve previously written about our GPS Framework. GPS stands for Gamify, Personalize, and Socialize, and these three principles are central to all our training and facilitation activities at Gentle Bamboo.

In the session, we:

  • poll our audience about problems in virtual sessions.
  • cover specific examples of how to implement Gamification, Personalization, and Socialization in their sessions.
  • talk about how to create a safe and engaging environment for learners in virtual sessions.
  • play games highlighting the GPS method.
  • discuss the trolley problem, and a lot more.

PS: If you feel watching a 90-video is boring, we understand. Please email us – and we will share the link to the next upcoming live session. It is a lot more fun to be a participant.