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[Video] Professional Advice about Voice Training


I assure you, this will be my best email for this month.

Some background:

Last week I wrote an email titled “Lessons from 100 year old Theater Actors“. It received lots of very positive responses from many readers.

People started asking me questions on what to do about their voice. Well, I’m not that good myself. So, I decided to record and share a podcast episode with my friend Vaibhav Gupta who gave some amazing tips. In that email, I promised to share a more detailed video with even more valuable content.

I present to you an awesome video interview I recorded with Mallika Prasad Sinha – an award-winning actor, a director, the founder of a theater company, coach to voice actors & influencers, and an all-round amazing person.

You’ll love how nuanced her thoughts are and how well articulated the responses are. I confess in the video how much I unlearned and learned. I am sure you will feel like that too.

This is one of the best videos I have shared in a long time. I hope you love watching and learning from it as much as I did.

The Magic of Voice, with Mallika

To reiterate, the virtual world plays by new rules. Your presence in online trainings depends a lot on The Magic of Voice. If you want to succeed in this new world, voice training is a requirement.

Mallika does an in-depth workshop on this topic. As an ongoing participant in one of her workshops, I can vouch for how helpful it is for me and strongly recommend you sign up for it here.

Good luck, and hit reply to let me know what you feel about this.

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