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(Video) The Unique You – Charisma ka Karishma

Snowflake | The Unique You

When you share anecdotes and stories with people, why should they listen to you? Why are your stories special or different? If someone else used your story, will it have the same impact?

Human beings are social animals. We thrive by living with each other, talking to each other. No matter what segment of society you live in, unless you’re an ascetic, you have to work with other humans. Social science is its own branch of study because of how important it is.

There are 2 important concepts you need to learn under the branch of social skills – how to blend in, and how to stand out.

When you learn to relate to other people and make them feel connected to you, you’ve learned how to blend in. You’ve integrated yourself into that group. This is important to get people to connect with you.

When you learn to get people to pay attention to you and distinguish yourself, you’ve learned how to stand out. You’ve shown people that you have something to say in a way that others have not.

Blending in and standing out – these two skills are crucial to living a socially fulfilling life. To learn them both, you need to become more aware of yourself. You need to discover your unique and authentic self.

What makes you you? Here’s my presentation to facilitators, trainers and educators. Let me know what you think.

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