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WandaVision and Training Sessions


WandaVision is the weirdest, funnest, most-amazing TV series in a long, long time. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour and watch it now on Disney+.

Truth be told, it took me (and most people) many episodes before it made any sense at all. It still kept us hooked throughout.

People who have followed the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe knew that both Wanda and Vision are important and powerful characters. We also knew that they were a couple and very much in love.

But Vision died. Wanda killed him with her own hands (to save the world). It made no sense to have a series set after Vision’s death which featured Vision.

It made even less sense that a story set in the 1950’s is about two people who were both born in 2010’s. It was ridiculous, and the series should have failed miserably. Yet, it is a massive success.

The reason: It is extremely entertaining while also being very educational. You see, there are layers upon layers of slow revelation which keeps the audience hooked.

There’s never a dull moment. Even the advertisements were great. Every aspect of every episode either moved the story forward or cleared up something about the past.

I think that it is a great formula for some training sessions. When introducing a new topic to learners, try not to jump into the theory immediately. Tease them with entertaining but somewhat strange topics for a while. Let the learners get hooked to the session before they fully understand what’s going on. Let them wonder what’s going on, but still remain connected. Let there be some uncertainty. I’ll all work out fine eventually when you reveal the full details. They’ll appreciate the "strangness" even more because they’ll realise it’s all connected after all.

Take some risks. Introduce some weirdness. It’ll make your sessions more memorable and effective, when you tie all the loose ends together.

Wandering and envisioning,