Gentle Bamboo Solutions

“We just want our employees to have fun”


More and more, we are getting enquiries from potential clients who say this to us. We have had enough with online training sessions. Zoom fatigue is becoming worse by the day. We don’t want our employees to just become productive resources and burn out. We want them to unwind and relax a bit too.

How about we do some game-based session, where they just have fun. No (or very minimal) debrief. No deep discussions, analysis or learning. Just enjoy the experience, bond with each other and smile a lot.

Well, we at Gentle Bamboo have felt like that too. So, we tried our hands at some fun online Escape Rooms. They’e a blast. We solved murder mysteries, went on treasure hunts, escaped from dungeons, saved the tigers, and did many more amazing things.

It’s basically a 60-90 minutes worth of chaotic yet satisfying experience and a very memorable team-bonding activity.

And being the agile and creative company that we are, we have started building our own Escape Rooms for our clients. Over this month, we are targeting the design and development of 5-6 escape rooms at various difficulty levels and in many genres.

When I have made more progress, I will share with you the details. And as with everything we do, whenever we are testing it, I would very much like to invite you to experience it (and of course we can talk about you licensing it and using it for your clients too)

Fun, not functional,