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What does Taj Mahal represent?


My Taj Mahal obsession continues today. But, rather than writing anything by myself, I thought I will share stuff others wrote about it.

All the credit of this mail goes to two people I admire. The fault of the delay from usual scheduled time is all mine.

This is my friend Chetan’s response to yesterday’s email, presented verbatim:

Taj Mahal is to some:

1. Beautiful monument to see and derive pleasure
2. Livelihood
3. Nuisance
4. National/ethnic pride

So, the ‘creator’ of Taj Mahal would have maybe thought he is creating a beautiful monument but what people see it as could be different.

So, in business as well, what you think is the value you are bringing in your business could be perceived differently. So watch out.

Positively, the same business when it provides multiple perceived values, maybe there is scope for additional ‘milking’ from it. Try to see what other value your business brings to different people.

I loved hist take on perceptions, and thought you should see it too.

I also share one more thing that the great Urdu poet Sahir Ludhianvi said about Taj Mahal:

Taj tere liye ik mazhaar e ulfat hi sahi,
Tujhko is vaadi e rangin se aqidat hi sahi.

Mere mehboob kahin aur mila kar mujhse…

Ik shahanshah ne daulat ka sahaara le kar,
Hum gareebon ki muhabbat ka udaaya hai mazaak

Mere mehboob kahin aur mila kar mujhse…

(Quick and dirty translation: Taj Mahal could be a symbol of love for you, but, My beloved, please meet me somewhere else. An emperor has used his wealth to make fun of Love (of us poor people). Read the full nazm if you want here:

Taj Mahal turned out to be quite a metaphor to explore in the emails. I have so much more to talk about, but maybe some other time.

What does Taj Mahal mean to you?

Wah Taj,