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What my mom thinks about my “job”


This is what my mom knows about me. I’m mostly on my phone all day doing one of these three things:

  1. Talking to someone
  2. Chatting on WhatsApp/Signal
  3. Watching videos

She comes from a banking background with 30+ years of experience. Everything she did as a part of her job, she sees that I don’t do any of them. Everything she did as a part of her leisure, she sees me doing all the time.

For the longest time, she didn’t believe that I run a pretty successful business while doing these things. (I’m not sure where she thought the money came from 😂).

These days I’m going out on long walks with her in the evening, and she’s getting a better understanding of what I actually do as we "talk" about my work now. How phone calls, chatting and videos are actually my “job”.

There’s a new-found respect she has for me these days, and all it needed was some real conversations. She no longer thinks I’m a slacker who stays home and watches YouTube and Netflix all day. The generation gap is reducing a bit.

Conversations come in all forms – but we tend to miss out on opportunities to talk about our work with family. Work is not this ugly thing that we have to keep out of family time.

Finding a way to sometimes share at least a birds eye view of your work with your family will actually help bring you closer to them.

Bridging the gap,