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Whatever happened to all those breakthroughs?


Every year, we hear about a revolutionary new breakthrough in the treatment of <Insert Disease Name> treatment. Cancer is constantly being cured. Solar power ie becoming 10 times more efficient. We see media articles, we hear it in news and yet, they are far from actually being "done".

The issue is the gulf between a proof of concept and an actual product.

If you can kill cancer cells on a petri dish in a lab or find a new arrangement to improve recombination, of course it is a huge achievement. One worthy of being published in science journals, magazines and newspapers. It deserves praise.

But bringing the breakthrough to the real world is a whole different issue. We need trials and reviews. We need production at scale. We need marketing. We need courage. We need time. Decades of it, sometimes.

As it is with medical and energy research, so it is with our ideas too, albeit at a smaller scale. Proof of Concept is easy. Easier, at least. Do we have the persistence and perseverance to bring a new product or idea to its final form though? That part isn’t easy at all.

And therefore therein lies our true glory.

Moving beyond proof,

PS: We are trying to bring a proof of concept simulation to life today. Can you help me play test it? Respond to confirm your availability between 8pm to 9pm today.