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When is a good time to criticise?


"The government machinery has completely failed the country. The Prime Minister should resign!" – says one part of the country

"The government has done a tremendous job and we should all be proud of what India is doing!" – says another part.

Surely, the truth is somewhere in between these two extreme views. But, that’s not the point of this mail. I want to discuss yet another set of opposing viewpoints – regarding criticism and its timing.

If we entertain the idea that there have been systemic lapses, there are two possible views:

"Even if the system is failing, NOW is the time to come together and support the efforts. Criticism can wait!" – says one set of people.

"Criticism is appropriate NOW, when the failure is happening. No one cares about criticism long after the time is gone!" – says yet another.

This is where I am very conflicted. I agree with both the views somewhat. Of course, when the world is struggling, we can’t be infighting. But, if we don’t hold our leaders accountable now, when will we do it?

It’s not even about the political fallout of the ongoing health crisis. That is just the placeholder issue for this discussion: When is it a good time to criticise anything? When the problem is happening OR after the problem is resolved?

Confused critic,