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When it rains…


Most animals in nature have a set of fixed responses to rain. When it rains…

  • Birds come down to ground and just wait it out by remaining motionless to conserve energy
  • Frogs rejoice because it is their mating season
  • Street dogs shiver and find any refuge they can
  • Peacocks, at least in the lore, dance their heart out
  • Trees are surely happy, even though they can’t show that happiness

We humans are different. Our response depends on circumstances. We have a whole range of responses that revolve around where we are with respect to our home – in, out, nearby, far away.

  • If we are starting from home, we usually decide to wait it out a bit
  • If we are returning home, and we are close by we are OK getting a little wet to reach home
  • If we are returning home, but the rains are heavy and we have a car, we may still brave it
  • If we are at home, we may enjoy rain by sitting under a safe place
  • If we are out for a walk and it starts raining, we run back cursing the rain
  • If we are at home and young and with a loved one, rains are romantic
  • If we are at home and we are kids, rains are spoilsport because we have to play

The rain itself remains the same. It is a just phenomenon that genuinely doesn’t care about where we are or what we are doing. Our response is entirely dependent on us. Most of the circumstances we deal with are like that too. Things happen and we respond to them the way we can depending on their timing in our lives.

When a pandemic strikes, some people sit home cowering in fear and others step out to help the world. Some people bitch about the government whereas others blame their fellow citizens. Some give up on their own lives while some mobilise support to save others lives. Some suffer in silence even as others cry out in pain.

One response is not better than the other. One response is not right while the other wrong. Each one responds depending on their circumstances. In the next few weeks and months and years, let us try to be more understanding and less judgemental. Rain affects everyone differently. Pain affects everyone differently.

Rain rain go away,