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Who is this training for? You vs Y’all


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last year is to stop speaking to my learners in plural.

I’m not speaking to "Hey Guys". I’m not speaking to "Everyone here". I’m not speaking to you Y’all (you all).

I’m speaking to You. The individual. A person.

Not a homogenous group. Not a nameless crowd. Not the team.

What’s in a pronoun, you ask?

Well, everything. I’ve observed and documented increasing interaction, higher engagement and better discussions. All I had to do was speak in singular. Talk in language that refers to one individual. That’s all.

We watch too many YouTube videos where a YouTuber uses collective nouns to refer to his/her followers. We see them being successful and start subtly being influenced to use such language ourselves. It doesn’t work as well in education as it works in entertainment.

Ditch the plural. Adopt the singular. This one tiny change will go a long way in driving engagement in your sessions.

I speak to you,