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Who really “built” Taj Mahal?


Yesterday I asked "Who built Taj Mahal" and talked about the relationship between a client and a service provider – the Emperor and his Chief Architect.

Today, I want to focus on the word "built". This seemingly simple question led me down a labyrinthine path towards a somewhat philosophical answer. An answer that I only discovered during the process of writing.

Who "built" the Taj Mahal?

Is it the artisans who carved the marble? Is it the masons who erected the building? Is it the miners who excavated the stone from quarries? Is it the transporters who moved the material?

Maybe a combination of all these people. But, is that all?

What about the workers who paved the roads long ago? What about the people who raised the animals that carried the material? What about the animals themselves? What about those who supplied food and drink during the breaks from work? What about those who built, maintained and repaired the tools used in the construction?

Is that enough people? How about some more:

What about the wives of those workers who stayed home and raised the kids? What about the soldiers who protected the supply lines? What about the teachers who taught the kids? The masters under whom many workers apprenticed? What about…

You get the picture!

We need everyone to do anything. Everything ever achieved belongs to everyone who ever lived.

I know this seems like some socialist bs. I don’t mean to get political here. I am not talking about ownership. I’m talking about credit.

So, who "built" Taj Mahal? Everyone.

In everything we do, we have much to be grateful about (to people who came before us) and still more to be proud about (for all those who will come after us).

Relying on you,