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Why do we play?


I used to play a lot of cricket and badminton growing up. Your probably played some game too. Was it football, tennis, table tennis, something else? Or were you an indoor games kinda person? Chess, carrom boards, monopoly?

Have you ever wondered "Why"? If thought logically, playing games makes no sense. Football is 90 minutes of running around to touch the ball maybe ten times. Tennis is just so physically tiring and frustrating if you are not a pretty decent player. Cricket is hours and hours of waiting and running around with very little happening.

Unless you’re playing professionally, there is no money at the end either. Also, there are barely any spectators who watch you – so that incentive doesn’t play a role too. The rules are strict and almost arbitrary. You are almost guaranteed to fall and bruise yourself or pull a muscle somewhere. On the surface, there is no good reason to play.

And, yet we love sports and games. Not only playing them ourselves, but also watching others play. We even become fanatic followers or our "team" and fight with the so-called "rivals". Why?

Over the next few emails, I will explore this topic in some detail and try to unearth the real, intangible reasons we enjoy playing and all other aspects of games.

Understanding this deep-rooted and innate human desire to play will open up a world of possibilities for us. There is a direct correlation between the "Why" of games and the "How" of learning and working. I’ll try to offer my ideas and hear from you too in the coming days.

Game on,