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Write here, write now!


[This is a long email. I'll address a few objections people have about writing. In detail.]

Yesterday I sent a mail with a challenge to start creating content. I got three kinds of responses.

Category 1. I’m doing it once in a while already, but thanks for the reminder.

Category 2. I just wrote something, but I don’t feel comfortable posting it.

Category 3. I don’t understand what’s the benefit of doing this.

If you are in Category 1, then here’s a Level 2 Challenge: Start a streak, and write & publish an article for 10 days in a row.

I’ll try to address Categories 2 and 3 in some detail in this mail.

Category 2: Uncomfortable to post publicly. Afraid that people will judge or that no one will read.

You’re not worried about the quality of your writing. You’re worried about being judged. I get it. Everyone is worried about that.

Let me tell you only something that someone told me to get over that insecurity. "You’re not afraid of others judging you. You are the one constantly judging yourself. Everyone is so busy judging themselves, no one has time to judge anyone else." That thought set me free. It will help you too. Forget about that fear and just go for it.

Another kind of fear is that no one will read it. No one would have read J K Rowling if she had decided to not write either. She took a chance and now there are literally billions who have read her. If you’re still not convinced, here’s an offer. If no one else reads you, I will. And give detailed feedback.

Ready to write? Thank you for accepting the challenge.

Category 3: Why write? What’s the benefit?

I’m glad you asked. I like this question so much that I’m doing an entire workshop this month-end to answer this question. I’ll spend about 20% time explaining how writing contributes to business growth as well as makes you better at being an educator.

Here are three reasons why you should write:

1. Writing helps clarify your thoughts. Clarity in writing leads to quality content. Quality content leads to higher impact. The more you write, the more impactful you become. It’s that simple.

2. Writing and sharing frequently helps you understand which of your ideas resonate with your readers, and which don’t. That’s how most standup comedians work. Keep the jokes that get the most laughs, and ditch the duds. Write and share frequently. Develop ideas that receive more interaction and ditch the ones that don’t. It’s simple.

3. If you’re in the learning industry, you’ll notice that the industry is quite saturated already (or will soon be). The one way to stand out is to be an authority in your area. You can’t be an authority if you are not an author. The written word has way more impact than any other form of communication. It helps both your students know your thoughts and helps potential clients find out about you. We’ve got two new clients primarily by writing.

Are you convinced? Good. Start writing.

Wait! There’s a 4th category too. Those who opened the email, read the challenge and decided to either not respond to me (which is OK) or to not take the challenge (which is not!). If that is you, I challenge you once more. This is the single most important thing you can do to become better at your craft as well as your business.

Take the challenge today. You’ll thank me later.

Making the write choice,