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Yesterday’s fatalistic email (?)


I was very happy about yesterday’s email when I hit send. That changed a bit about 20 mins later. Three people, who have been reading my emails for months, responded and said that I came across as a fatalist/pessimist – especially in the last paragraph:

Now, go one step further. Stop missing or dreaming about the "good old days" and hoping for a return to the "old normal".

I don’t do this much, but today I thought I’ll publicly clarify a past email (I usually just talk to only those who respond). In hindsight, I can see how yesterday’ email can be construed as very negative. Nothing could be farther from my intended message though.

Missing good old days is equal to living in the past, which doesn’t help anyone. Hoping for a return to the "old normal" is giving up and surrendering to today’s challenge, which also brings no happiness or growth. I was going for the whole "The Past is gone, The Future is beyond control, and Happiness is in the Present" vibe.

I hope that that is the message you got. If not, consider this explanation about the disparity between my intentions and execution.

Carpé-ing the day-um,