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Your first mini D&D game in training


Let’s try and create a basic idea to do a small 20 mins exercise in training sessions. Use this as an energizer.

Preparation: Create a one-page document with the notes for the session. It’s called The Scroll of the Skill.
Setting: A Dark Cave
Player types: Magicians, Healers & Spies
Mission: Recover the Scroll of the Skill
Facilitator: The Monster who’s hiding the scroll

How to play:

1. Every player has to ask a question to the Monster.

2. The question has to be about the topics covered so far.

3. The monster either lies or tells the truth.

4. The player has to identify if the response was right or wrong.

5. Ask people to ask questions based on the Player Type they have selected.

6. If they can use a different dramatic voice, even better.

7. To encourage them to do that, you start with a dramatic monster voice yourself.

You’ll have to set up the situation in a dramatic fashion. It is a lot of fun and is very memorable.

At the end: Everyone gets the Scroll of the Skill

For extra points, have people vote on how good the acting skills of each learner was.