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Your second mini D&D game in training


A good D&D session usually ends in one of these two ways –

  1. A big satisfying reveal
  2. A huge cliffhanger

A good DM ensures that hours of time spent together by The Party is made more memorable by a great end. A well-crafted end has two essential ingredients –

  1. The session is well-summarised to reiterate the learning and how much fun it was
  2. The Party looks forward to the next session

Today’s game is about how to end the training session well.

  1. This works best when the session is already thematic.
  2. Throughout the session, give “gold” to the party whenever they answer a question, ask a good question, tell a good story or share some good insight.
  3. At the end, give everyone a chance to win more gold by offering a chance to summarize the session.
  4. On your presentation, show the 6-8 major topics you have covered in the session.
  5. People pick one of the topic, and attempt to spend exactly 60 or 90 seconds to summarize it.
  6. Have a coubtdown timer running in the background.
  7. Promise X amount of gold for a good summary, but give 2X or even 3X the amount for people who do really well.
  8. Tell them that the next time they attend a session you do, they’ll be allowed to have a headstart in the session with half the gold they earned today.
  9. Send them off with knowledge and gold and great memories.
  10. Remember to do (and to encourage) some dramatic Voice. It adds immersion and creates impact.

In the endgame now,